Tech idiot no more

I just successfully did my graphic design homework-come up with two different typographic designs for the same text-in less than 20 minutes!


I’ve always been kinda artistic,or at least slightly more artistic than a typical Singaporean. Yet the most dismaying part is that I could never ever translate my “artistic vision” to something concrete as long as it deals with computers. Although i’ve always been a good student but somehow I am just exceptionally slow when it comes to tinkering with gadgets or softwares.

There is something really embarrassing about not being able to keep up with the technology, and everytime i need to be in a setting where I have to use more high tech looking software or use an unfamiliar computer, i feel quite anxious and nervous. Nervous that  I will end up being really lost and having to trouble the classmate beside me to repeat the instructions.

This time round i decided to overcome my barrier by signing up for a graphic design class. So that I could hopefully translate my “artistic vision”to something on the computer. It was so far so good cos it is a class meant for beginner. But i still had a moment of panic yesterday when i suddenly lost track of what the teacher was saying and was quite nervous to see all my classmates beside me already starting their new document in indesign when i still dunno what’s going on.

Thank god i managed to figure out in time. Even so i really felt quite panicked in that moment. And this is exactly what I’m hoping to overcome. As someone in my late twenties,i really shouldn’t be experiencing the kind of fear i feel whenever I’m faced with new gadgets or computers.

So I really scribbled every single thing that my teacher said during the lesson so that I have something to refer to in the future. Cos knowing me,i definitely won’t remember.



About Chasing Carefree

I am a Singaporean Chinese who moved to Chicago in 2015. I hope to chronicle my daily life, rants, travels and observations of the American culture on this blog.
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